ESSENTIAL OILS as Natural Products in Animal Nutrition
ESSENTIAL OILS as Feed Additives in Animal Nutrition

Essential oils are mixtures of several natural substances that are biosynthesised by plants. These phytogenic additives are natural products. They are intensely aromatic and low density. More than 150 types have been extracted, with their own fragrances and specific virtues. To ensure that they perform at their best, they must originate from raw natural ingredients and be as pure as possible.

These essential oils have been used for many centuries in human medicine but their use in animal nutrition has skyrocketed lately due to the prohibitions of use of some chemical and/or antibiotic compounds in food-producing animals.

Essential oils are the natural and efficient alternative to improve digestive efficiency as well as for the production performance and well-being of animals, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly production.

The main essential oils that we use at INNOFARM stand out as digestibility stimulators as they favour the equilibrium and control of microbial flora, and also stimulate immunity.